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Tideway is upgrading London’s sewer system to cope with its ever-growing population. The 25km tunnel will intercept, store, and ultimately transfer sewage waste away from the River Thames. Starting in Acton, west London, the Thames Tideway Tunnel, will travel through the heart of London at depths of between 30 and 60 metres, using gravity to transfer waste eastwards. The project is set to complete in 2024.

Ralspeed were approached to design a de-watering system that was flexible and could cover multiple sites. The aim of this system was to control the varying water levels across multiple drilling areas across the Tideway site. The system would need to be operated via a central control panel and able to provide multiple real-time readings.

The Ralspeed technical team designed a PLC control system that could control several Danfoss Vacon 100 flow variable speed drives, along with multiples of their Wide Overload  DOL starters.

A simple yet functional HMI screen offered flexibility to alter basic system parameters and tune the system as required, as well as providing real time information and alarm/datalogging.

Ralspeed provided several customised containers located at sites across Tideway, with the technical team working on-site to assist set up the initial system.

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