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Agricultural Control Panels

Ralspeed have created customised agricultural control panels which have many unique features that make it the most hassle free system when slurry aeration is taking place.

Some of the unique features of our customised agricultural control panels are the Cow Down and Go To Park facility. Cow Down is a safety feature which automatically switches off where a cow may become immobilised. It will also not effect the other agricultural scrapers on the system. Go To Park is a facility which tells the agricultural scraper to go to a certain place when it is not being used.

With over 30 years experience we provide high quality agricultural control panels requiring minimal maintenance. The agricultural control panels can successfully be installed for cattle, sheep, pig or poultry houses.

All of these agricultural control panels can be customised specifically to your needs!



Ralspeed have designed and developed a range of Agricultural Slurry Scraper Panels – Hydraulic or Rope/Chain for the Agricultural Industry.┬áThe combination of our developed Micro-Processor PCB and a Danfoss Vacon 20 VSD means that the panel only needs 240V power, but controls 2×3 phase winch motors. The electronics within the unit control the winch and then control the scraper blade travel.

  • Rust proof sheet steel enclosure
  • 240v input controls with 2×3 phase winch motors
  • Electronically Detects ‘End Stop’ or ‘Cow Down’
  • 24 hour time clock
  • ‘Go To Park’ facility
  • LCD key pad shows current status
  • User adjustable levels for ‘Cow down’ and ‘End stop’
  • One panel runs 2 lanes
  • Data log shows event history – It can be downloaded via USB
  • Remote key pad available


Ralspeed have designed and developed a range of Agricultural Slurry Pump Panels. The control is from our own manufacture soft start system which allows the user to control and protect slurry pumps in the range of 3KW to 22KW (higher powers are also available). The unique system accelerates the motor to full speed using Ralspeeds torque supervision software.

  • Rust proof sheet steel enclosure
  • 3PH -415V input
  • Runs and protects motors from 3KW – 22KW
  • 24V float switch circuit
  • Adjustable run down timer
  • 24 hour, 10 position digital time clock
  • 2 line LCD display
  • Data log event – History can be viewed in LCD display or downloaded via USB


Ralspeed have designed a range of Agricultural Slurry Separator and Pump Combination Control Panels that have many features. The agricultural pump is usually a soft starter and the separator can be a variable speed unit or a simple DOL contactor. In either case the separator always starts in reverse for an adjustable time and then goes forward for a second adjustable time.

  • Sheet steel enclosure
  • Combined slurry pump and separator circuits
  • Controls pumps from 3KW – 22KW
  • Manual/Auto facility
  • Adjustable times for separator – Forward and Reverse runs
  • 24 hour time clock
  • Emergency stop facility