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Avior Remote Control - WiFi, 2G & 4G

Module or Fitted into Control Panels

Avior  remote control is an industrial DIN rail unit for supervision and control through WiFi and cellular networks.  Aviorcan work both as a passive remote controller managed by remote commands (CLOUD) or as a programmable controller deploying actions in response of events (EDGE).  Aviorhas plenty of input, output and communication CHANNELS, each of them can be enabled or disabled and can trigger events:

  • Six digital inputs including pulse counter and time counter features 
  • Four software configurable analog inputs 
  • Four dry contact relay outputs 
  • Wiegand interface 
  • Infrared transmitter and receiver 
  • Com port (command and transparent mode) 
  • Local and remote expandability 
  • Dual power supply with monitoring and working time counter 
  • Backup battery with monitoring and working time counter 
  • Filesystem and SDcard interface up to 32 GB 
  • Upgrade over the air (command)