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Ralspeed On-Site Services

We offer a variety of nationwide on-site options, designed to give our customers a range of solutions for their existing variable speed drives or soft starters:


As a Danfoss Service Partner we can offer all levels of servicing on your existing Danfoss or Vacon drives. From basic inspection and reporting, to a complete overhaul of variable speed drives up to 1 Megawatt, we can tailor a service visit to match the exact customer requirements.

Ralspeed also carry an extensive range of spare parts for both Danfoss Drives and the Torqmaster Soft Starter. We can also produce a list of recommended spare parts based on various factors (lead time and criticality)  of an individual customers application, helping keep downtime to an absolute minimum.

Breakdown Repair/Replacement

Ralspeed also offer an on-site (and workshop) breakdown repair service, where a member of our team will assess your variable speed drive or soft start, allowing us to provide the quickest and most cost effective approach to get you back up and running.

Legacy Drive Replacement

Variable Speed Drives have a finite lifespan depending on installation conditions, maintenance schedule and application. We can identify potential problems in ageing or legacy (obsolete or unsupported) drives and recommend a course of action incorporating the most appropriate replacement.


Do you have a dated Variable Speed Drive, an archaic Soft Starter, still using Star-Delta? Ralspeed can assess and provide a relevant, modern recommendation for all AC motor control methods. So, if your ageing starter has failed or started to break down, or maybe you simply cannot afford the potential loss of productivity, contact us today.

We have a proven track record of retrofitting either variable speed drives or soft starters in a vast array of industries, helping to maintain uptime and reliability.

Technical Support

All products and services from Ralspeed come with comprehensive technical support backup from our team of engineers.

Service Contracts

Ralspeed currently offer service contracts to cover Danfoss variable speed drives and Torqmaster soft starters; incorporating annual service visits and reporting, with guaranteed breakdown response times. Please contact for further details.

Danfoss DrivePro®

Get the most out of your AC drives and VFD applications, assisted by DrivePro® services for Danfoss VLT® and VACON® drives. You get services that go beyond simple troubleshooting, maintenance, repairs and replacements. They also proactively improve productivity, performance and uptime. You get specialized training and access to expert knowledge, to benefit your business directly.

Danfoss Products and Services