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A leading European manufacturer of agricultural machinery approached Ralspeed to discuss designing a slurry scraper system that would meet its exacting needs. The manufacturer’s current rope and chain scraper panels could not reliably detect when it had completed a scrape or detect an obstruction, crucial functions for a scraper panel.

Ralspeed designed and trialled a newly developed control board to meet the requirements of the customer which would provide accurate control over both obstruction and end-of-lane detection.

 Ralspeed built in additional features including the full ability to control both detections, controlling two types of system (chain and rope) from one panel and pre-programmable timing functions.

A Danfoss Vacon 20 variable speed drive was selected, with the control board allowing the control of four independent motors allowing two lanes to be operated from one panel. Selected for its reliability and cost-effective performance, the Danfoss Vacon 20 VSD has now been installed in literally hundreds of scraper panels for use within the agricultural sector in both the UK and abroad.

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